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Vytex Windows has been a leader in the window industry for more than 30 years. Their high performance window systems have a reputation as being some of the most energy efficient available. Each window is designed and engineered to maintain a life time of extreme weather conditions. In fact, Vytex has so much confidence in the strength and durability of their windows systems, they offer one of the most powerful warranty's in the industry. 



Vytex Window Dealer Serving New Jersey

AGM Window & Door is a Vytex Window dealer serving New Jersey. We offer Vytex Potomac, Vytex Fortis, and Vytex Georgetown Windows to New Jersey homeowners who want the most energy efficient windows with a high structural rating.

Being an authorized Vytex Window dealer in New Jersey ensures that our customers are backed by the powerful warranty Vytex offers.



Vytex Potomac and Vytex Fortis Windows in New Jersey

Vytex Potomac and Vytex Fortis Windows have a solid reputation and are known as some of the most energy efficient windows in New Jersey. Homeowners in New Jersey who are looking for some of the nicest looking windows with the best energy ratings should contact AGM Window & Door and ask ro see the Vtyex Potomac and Vytex Fortis Windows.




Vytex Window Features : 


Various Triple Pane and Double Pane Glass Packages with Argon or Krypton Gas Fill

Advanced Virgin uPVC - Advanced formulation prevents warping unlike lower quality brands.


True Welded Sloped Sill - Creates positive water drain off with no external weep holes to clog.


Foam Filled Frame and Sash - Adds insulation inside window frame and sash.


Magnetic Seal with Interlocking Sill - Sash gets a much tighter seal similar to a refrigerator.

Patented  3/4" Stainless Steel Balance System - Our balance system ensures easy operation, strength, and never slips.

Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame - Extra strength frame prevents bending.

Fusion Welded Frame & Sash Corners - For superior strength and performance. This technologically advanced process eliminates the need for glue or screws in the assembly of the window.


Composite Reinforced Meeting Rails for added structural integrity


Triple Weather Stripping - Our extra strength weather stripping is triple fin and makes the Vytex Window one of the most air tight in the industry.


Super Spacer - non metal spacer system  for superior energy efficiency


Mortised Sill Wall - Our double thick sill wall is mortised inside the frame opposed to just butting up against the frame which is common with lower quality brands. This feature prevents air and water intrusion where gaps form between the sill wall and the frame.




Vytex Windows in NJ