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If you are searching for Okna Windows in NJ - New Jersey, Contact AGM Window and Door. We are an Okna Window installer and have joined Okna Windows in offering New Jersey residents the highest quality replacement windows available. Okna is known for enhanced engineering which make their windows stronger and much more airtight than other windows that are available. In Fact, Okna has a reputation for having the most air tight window available and this means your New Jersey home will be much more efficient.


Okna has established a reputaion for manufacturing the most energy efficient windows in the industry and that is why Okna Windows is the best choice for New Jersey Home’s. 


As an Authorized Okna Window Dealer in NJ ( New Jersey), AGM offers each line of Okna Windows in order to fit each and every budget.


Why choose Okna Windows for your New Jersey home ?

As an Okna Window installer serving NJ, AGM highly recommends Okna Windows for a variety of reasons. Okna Windows are engineered to not only exceed industry performance ratings but exceed them by a large margin. Their windows can withstand sustained wind speeds of over 190 mph. That fact alone can give our customers an idea of how much structural integrity their windows have. Not only are Okna Windows one of the most efficient and air tight windows in the industry, they also have some of the nicest looking windows as well.



If you are looking for Okna Windows in NJ ( New Jersey ), call AGM Window for a FREE QUOTE at (973) 884-6130





Foam filled frame                                 Magnetic seal

Foam filled frame and sash adds insulation                 Welded Sloped Sill with Magnetic Seal




Okna Windows Dealer NJ

If you need an Okna Window dealer and installer in NJ, AGM Window & Door offer a variety of Okna Windows. We can provide double hungs, casements, bays/ bows, and patio doors. Okna Windows are made using the highest quality virgin uPVC formulation. All Okna Windows come with climaguard lowE which is an 11 layer metallic glass coating that reflects heat back to its original source as shown below. This will make your NJ home much more comfortable.





The spacer system is one of the most important features of a window that no one will ever see. A spacer is what separates either 2 or 3 panes of glass  Most windows utilize a metal spacer that conducts cold around the edge of the glass causing the rest of the window to become very cold. When this happens, heat will gravitate towards the cold glass and escape through the window. Okna uses a non metal spacer system called "HEATSEAL" that has a rigid but flexible poly carbonate core. This ensures that all Okna Windows are as energy efficient as possible.


Shown below is the Okna 600 “ Eco Pro” which comes standard in white but is also avaialble in various woodgrain interiors as well as various exterior color options.


Okna window 

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